How to add Spanish Spell Check for Word 2011 and Word 2013

Are you looking for an easy way to type in Spanish inside Microsoft Word? It’s super easy to add Spanish into Word, and as soon asword-2013 you do, you’ll be able to type with all the Spanish accents and punctuation. What’s more, you’ll be able to use the Spanish Spell Check and Grammar option. Which is awesome. I put together a small guide to assist you in adding the Spanish language pack to Microsoft Word 2011 or Microsoft Word 2013.

How to Type in Spanish for Word 2011 and Word 2013

Step 1. First open up Word and go to the Review Tab



Step 2. Select “Language Preferences”



Step 3. Go to “Add Additional Editing Languages”


 Step 4. Select “Spanish (Mexico)” from the list.



Step 5. Word will add the Spanish language pack into the list of editing languages, and you may have to enable it. Click on “not enabled” to add it.




Step 6. Windows should open up your control panel and the “clock, language and region” settings  where you can add a language. Click on this button.


Step 7.  Scroll down until you find the Spanish category


Step 8. Select the Español (Mexico) setting.


Step 9. You should see this added to the list of languages.


Step 10. Go back into Word and type some Spanish words



Step 11. Now click on the language bar “English (United States)” Choose “Spanish (Mexico)” from the list.




Step 12. When you type some more Spanish words you’ll be able to “Right-Click” and fix the words if they are spelled incorrectly or are missing an accent.

Step 13. You can even go back to the Review Tab and choose Spelling and Grammar to run the spell check on the entire document.


Step 14. Here’s an example of the dialogue box it will bring up.


Step 15. And it’ll even  catch missing punctuation.

Here’s a “quick copy and paste” option if you want to make some quick edits:

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