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Everyday, we’ll deliver right to your inbox one of the 100 most common, most spoken words & phrases from conversational Spanish or what we’d like to call: Spanish Small Talk.

Learn Spanish Words & Phrases – in One Daily Email

  • Most common Spanish phrases: “¿Puedes ayudarme?” (Can you help me?)
  • “¿Puede traernos una botella de agua?” (Can you bring us a bottle of water?)
  • “¿Como tan grande es su familia?” (How big is your family?)
  •  “Esta bien contigo?” (Is that OK with you?)
  •  Most common nouns: esto, eso, donde, aqui (this, that, where, here)
  •  Most common verbs: poder, tener, dar (to be able, to have, to give)
  •  Auditory examples: how to pronounce the nouns and verbs you learn everyday
  •  Video examples: real Spanish speakers provide quick 2 minute lessons.

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