10 Tips from an a guy who speaks Nine Languages

Ok, so the guy who speaks nine languages is not me. Haha. I only speak Spanish. But here’s a really good post on www.babbel.com/magazine/10-tips-from-an-expert on how to increase your Spanish language ability, here’s a quote and some of my favorites:

” . . . It’s crucial to practice your new language every single day:

“I tend to want to absorb as much as possible right from the start. So if I learn something I really, really go for it and try to use it throughout the day. As the week progresses I try to think in it, try to write in it, try to speak to myself even in that language. For me it’s about actually putting what you’re learning into practice – be that writing an email, speaking to yourself, listening to music, listening to the radio. Surrounding yourself, submerging yourself in the new language culture is extremely important.”

That was number #2 listed “Dive In.” My other two favorites from the list are these and my personal commentary.

#5. Have Fun With it

– My greatest gains in Spanish have been the times when I’ve been having fun with friends watching a baseball or soccer game, or going to a concert, or checking out a new restaurant. I’ve found that it’s way easier to continue doing something if I’m actually enjoying it. It’s a natural motivator and when you start having fun it gets addicting, you all of a sudden want to know more, and more and you start checking dictionaries and asking your friends to help you. This is a healthy addiction!

#10 Talk to Yourself

– Early on in my Spanish language adventure someone told me that I should out loud to myself. The reality is that we all need practice forming these words with their accents and their unique pronunciations. If you think these will naturally come up in conversation, you’re wrong. You’ve got to practice it on your own time, before it comes up in a conversation! Practice it before you need to use it. That’s great advice in life, but especially with language, you’ve got to get used to saying these words. Yeah, you’re going to look a bit silly looking like you’re having a conversation with yourself, but it’s totally worth it!