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Spanish Small Talk eBook – Coming Soon!

A Quick and Easy Guide to Speaking Conversational Spanish

Spanish Small Talk - Spanish Guide to ConversationThe forthcoming kindle eBook packed with tips and methods to get you speaking Spanish to native speakers in just a few weeks. Whether you’re a vacationer on holiday, a backpacker, a student studying abroad, looking to add onto your career, or someone who’s interested in picking up Spanish in their free time – this eBook is for you!

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Spanish Vocabulary Lists & Spanish Verb Conjugations

Here's Me Translating for a Doctor in a 2-day Clinic
Here's Me Translating for a Doctor in a 2-day Clinic

Most of us think learning a new language is so daunting we don’t even begin the process. We see long lists of vocabulary, strange verb constructions, weird spellings and pronunciation and immediately try to squash this idea before it even starts. Learning Spanish wasn’t meant to be that way! With this Kindle eBook, I’ll show you how easy and fun learning Spanish can be.

For example, I didn’t learn to speak Spanish until I was well out of college and working in my career. I had to start over with the basic building blocks of the language and I began to develop an easy system to learn the Spanish I needed to

communicate to people. Now, I’m working overseas speaking Spanish daily using the same tips & techniques I’ll share with you in the guide. My biggest learning to date is that Spanish was 10 times more fun than I thought it would be!

The problem with most books or guides to learning language is that they bombard with you things you’ll never use, and therefore you’ll never learn them because you didn’t need them in the first place. Where this guide is different is that we show you these keys to unlocking Spanish:

  • A Simple System for Learning
  • The 15 most common verbs
  • Quick Question Shortcuts – Say this, don’t say that!
  • Connecting in Conversation
  • Necessary Nouns & Easy Adjectives
  • Past, Present, Future made Easy

I guarantee this guide will jumpstart your new adventure in learning Spanish. You’ll learn more Spanish faster and easier than you ever imagined. Along with this guide there is a FREE daily newsletter available at which offers new words, verbs and conversations tips every day. For kindle book owners there are special audio & video bonuses available at

Spanish Conversation Book – Table of Contents

  1. Introduction – How I learned Spanish at age 27
  2. Motivation –How to get it and keep it
  3. Technique – How to make learning fun
  4. Learning Tools – Four free tools you can use daily
  5. A Simple System for Verbs – 15 Most Common in Conversations
  6. A Simple System for Nouns – Just the Basics
  7. Questions – Knowing who, how, and what to ask
  8. Answers – What to say and when to say it
  9. Time – Tips for Past, Present, Future
  10. Encouragements – How to improve your own system
  11. BONUS – Insider resources for Study and Travel

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About the Author

Aaron Roth - Spanish Small TalkAaron Roth is full time volunteer working with HOPE International , a Christian Microfinance Lending organization in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 27, he left the corporate world and went to learn Spanish in Guatemala for four months near Lake Atitlan. Now, he speaks Spanish fluently and enjoys living in and learning from his Dominican coworkers and clients in the cities and towns all throughout the country. He’s planning to travel through South American working on his upcoming photo book: “Beauty in the Extremes” and hopefully volunteering in another Microfinance organization.


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