How do I make the Spanish Ñ “Enye” on the keyboard?

enye in Spanish, spanish enye, type the spanish enye    There are a few ways to type the Spanish “enye” (ñ or Ñ) on the keyboard:


1. Copy and paste the ñ or Ñ

2. For a lowercase ñ Press “alt” and then 164 or “alt” 0241

3. To make an uppercase Ñ, press “alt” 165 or “alt” 0209

4. Add the Spanish language keyboard to Microsoft Word:

A few fun facts:

  • The weird squiggly above the n is called a tilde.
  • It’s pronounced “en-yay”
  • Español contains the enye, so learn how to say it!
  • Wikipedia: “Historically, “ñ” arose as a ligature of “nn”: the tilde was shorthand for the second “n”, written over the first.[1] This is a letter in the Spanish alphabet which is used for many words, for example, the Spanish word año (anno in Old Spanish) “year” is derived from Latin ANNVS.” (source:


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