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Recommended Spanish Programs

Most readers of the Spanish Small Talk “daily email” usually ask me where to go to find more resources, or a Spanish learning program that they can practice with daily. There’s are really three key resources that I can recommend to anyone who’s looking to learn more Spanish.

Spanish Learning Programs:

SpanishPod101.com – Learn Spanish from over 1,030+ Spanish Audio and Video lessons from beginner to advanced. Also contains the 2,000 Must-Know Words.

Rocket Spanish – A fun, easy-to-use program for speaking, reading and understanding Spanish. Complete with 32 downloadable MP3 lessons.

Speak from Day One – Benny has already mastered 5 languages, and he shows you the ultimate method to learning any language. He’s got a cool TED talk on YouTube, that you can view from his site.

Spanish Learning Communities:

LingQ is a FREE online community where you can choose to learn one of 9 languages: www.LingQ.com



LiveMocha is another online community where you can learn Spanish for Free: www.LiveMocha.com



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